Skyrim Spells And Powers - New Age - Modification WIP

I'm still working on with the sequel to Skyrim Spells And Powers modification and yes, I have made some progress. My goal is to create a well balanced spell-bundle with unique spells and powers. I'm going to put some time into this mod, because I want to make it as good as possible. Remember that the names and visual effects of the spells are not final. I will release a new video soon.

Here is a little bit more info about the spells and powers.

  • Trap - This spell is an elemental prison. When the spell hits it's target, it freezes the target instantly. Target cannot move or do anything when the spell's effect is on. 

  • Levitate - This spell allows the player to walk in the air.

  • Paralyze Pulse - This spell paralyzes the target and throws the target away.

  • Bound Magical Cuirass - This is a power and can be used only once per day. Allows the player to cast magical "armor", which gives the player 90% immunity to all incoming attacks. Also with a chance to deliver a powerfull counter attack(seen in the video) 

  • Pull - This spell is used to pull the target towards player.

  • Burning Light - This is a projectile spell and it does <...> damage to the target.

  • Warp - This is a spell that traps target in the mid air. 

  • Tornado - Name tells it all.

Here are couple videos of the current stage of the mod. Warp is not in the videos, yet.

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