The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Footage

Here is my first gameplay video of The Elder Scrolls Online and I wanted to show couple quests. I spoke first time in my life with headset, so it felt very strange and I didn't actually know what I was supposed to say, so I didn't talk that much in the video. Probably, I'll get use to it...i hope so.

My character was an Altmer sorcerer and I captured the footage between levels 6-8, if I remember correctly. I also have this problem with Fraps, everytime when I'm playing and recording with Fraps, my game starts lagging as hell.

I hope that you like the video, if you do, subscribe my channel on Youtube. I will be uploading more gameplay videos in the future.

The Elder Scrolls Online - Questing/Combat - 1 Hour Gameplay Video

The Elder Scrolls Online Altmer Sorcerer Combat

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